Saturday 19 April 2014

Special epitaphs

When the cemeteries at Gallipoli were being created after WW1 was over, the Australian government (but not the NZ government) offered families back home a chance to suggest their own epitaph, for 3 1/2 pence per letter. They are often moving and terribly sad. Here are just a few from the first few cemeteries we have visited:

He died a man and closed his life's brief day ere it had scarce begun.

My only darling son.

Cherished memories of one so dear, oft recalled with a silent tear.

Loved by all.

Our hero, a faithful son and brother.

Only a boy but died as a man for liberty and freedom, his mum and dad.
(this soldier was aged 18)

Those who knew him best loved him most.

My boy, one of the best.

Well done Ted.

With undaunted heart he breasted life's last hill.

The best of lads, none better; may his soul rest in peace.

Sleep on until the dawn of a beautiful day.

Sleep on, brave heart.

One day we will understand.

I've no darling now, I'm weeping, baby & I you left alone

Thank you Harry
(I liked this one especially because one of the boys in Best mates is called Harry - but of course this is an Australian gravestone.)

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  1. Thank you for these tragic memories of the fallen, and their lonely and lost parents? That's all I can say without my words seeming commonplace. 😞